An educational experience, teaching awareness and respect for wildlife using live, native birds of prey

Who We Are

Sky Hunters Environmental Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing educational presentations in north western Oregon. We strive to enhance individuals' knowledge of native species and habitat, thus providing motivation for people to make a difference in their world. Our presentations provide information on how to co-exist with wildlife as our neighbors and how to better manage our natural resources. By bringing live, native birds of prey to capture and hold the interest of our audience, we try to create a strong, lasting message of awareness and responsibility.


Karen Hoyt

Founder, Director, and Presentor


Photograph (c) Brenda Torres-Barreto



Karen founded Sky Hunters Environmental Education in 2004 to provide a stronger message of respect and awareness for wildlife in our local community.

Karen worked with sick and injured raptors from 1986 through 2006 as a volunteer for Wildlife Rescue of Palo Alto and had been the raptor team leader for over 12 years. Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned birds of prey became a passion that will continue through her life time.

She created an independent banding study in 1991, looking at the survival rate of raptors released after rehabilitation.

Pictured here holding an immature Golden eagle rehabilitated from a severely broken wing and ready for release. Photo by: Marty Fouts.


Karen has spent many years observing wild raptors for scientific studies as well as banding raptors with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory in Marin, CA. (Shown here with her first Merlin capture in October 2004). Five years of data collection from telemetry studies has given her a new insight into movements of Cooper's Hawks in California.



Active with the Santa Clara Audubon Society, she leads nature walks and field trips educating youngsters and adults about the environment and how birds fill vital niches. With a deep love of our native wildlife, she brings enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to our presentations.

Picture here with first educational Great Horned owl at a Santa Clara Valley Education Day booth.



Our presentations focus on natural history and awareness of the natural world.

One-hour presentations to a maximum of 35 participants is the normal classroom size presentations.

Larger groups on request with different pricing structure.



The Board of Directors


Lisa Konie - Secretary


Shirley Tavenier - Treasurer


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