Looking for Sky Hunters Raptor Education and Rehabilitation

in Southern California?

Nancy Conney: 619-445-6565



Sky Hunters Raptor Education and Rehabilitation is located in Southern California in the San Diego area and is a Raptor Education Program geared toward public information, preservation, and rehabilitation of Birds of Prey. Sky Hunters provides presentations to people of all ages: at schools, campgrounds, interpretive centers, community programs, scout troops, churches and summer camps. Live educational birds of prey (raptors) of various species, sizes, and ages will be present for our presentations. Presentation for the greater San Diego area.

Sky Hunters not only educates the public on raptors but we also rehabilitate raptors that are injured. We never know when someone will call us to help a Raptor in distress. They are cared for, exercised, provided with a balanced diet and eventually released back into the wild. If you find a fallen nest of baby birds, a young raptor separated from its parents, or an injured adult in a field or along the freeway, call us immediately at 619-445-6565.


Nancy Conney has been our mentor and friend for many years. She got us started, shared the Sky Hunters name, and has helped to keep us focused.