An educational experience, teaching awareness and respect for wildlife using live, native birds of prey


One-hour, in-class, presentations featuring live birds of prey

Sky Hunters offers the following presentations available to all age groups. Classroom presentations adhere to the Science Content Standards for Oregon and California Public Schools. Please click on the title of each presentation for a full description, target age groups, and standards. Click here for our scheduling form.


Raptor Biology Hunters of the Sky : An introduction to basic raptor biology and a glimpse into the birds' lives with an overview of how they exist in the environment and why they are important. After introducing the basic structural characteristics that identify a raptor as a bird of prey, we discuss migration, adaptation, habitat use, anatomy and how these birds fit into the food chain in a prey/predator relationship. This presentation can be tailored to all age groups and mixed age groups. California Standards for Science K.2a, b,c.; K.3a,b,c; 1.2a, b,c,d; 2.2a,b,c,d,e; 3.3a,b,c,d; 4.2b, 4.3a,b,c.

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Environmental Biology Around the Clock with an Owl and a Hawk : This presentation is targeted to pre-kindergarten, kindergarden, and first grade age children. A series of seasonal 1/2-hour presentations done in a story-telling fashion captures the attention of young children. Introduces the concepts of nocturnal vs. diurnal habits, promotes family values and good neighbor ideas. A second 1/2 hour can be added for show and tell with bones, wings and bird skulls. California Standard K.1.a; K.2.a,b,c; K.3c

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Avian Evolution Dinos to Modern Day Birds : Are dinosaurs truly extinct or are they still among us? This presentation explores the fascinating evolution of dinosaurs into modern day birds. It introduces reasons for evolution or extinction of a species and includes discussion on fossils evidence that helps us unraveled the past and guides us into the present. California Standards for 2.3.d, 2.2a,c,d,

Migration Commuting on the Wing: Bird migration is one of the great mysteries of nature. Discover why some birds migrate while others adapt to seasonal changes. Introduces flyways, wildlife corridors and weather patterns, such as thermals and wind currents that support the commuters. Complies with California Standards for K.2a,b,c; K.3a,b,c; 1.2a, b,c,d,e; 1.3b,c; 2.2a,b,c,d,e; 3.3a,b*,c*,d*,e and 3.4a,e; 4.1f, 4.3a,b; 5.4a. Vocabulary Download


Owl Biology Silent Hunters: Owls are marvelous and mysterious birds: compact, powerful, and uniquely suited for hunting in the dark. Explore the basic biology of the hunters of the night, the owls. Focus on identification, structural characteristics, adaptation, habitat use, basic anatomy and how these birds fit into the food chain. California Standards for K-3rd grades. Vocabulary Download

Food Chain Who is Eating Whom: Make the food chain come alive with an introduction to top predators. Discussion includes the basic information of the energy needs of all living life forms and introduces the concept of producers, comsumers (primary and secondary) and decomposers. Students build simple food chains for the birds and use critical thinking skills when pieces are removed from the food chains. Complies with California Standards for K-4th grades. Vocabulary Download



Our fee is $125 per one hour presentation.

Maximum of 35 participants per presentation. We strive to provide an intimate connection to the natural world through the introduction to our educational birds. Most presentations are interactive and large groups do not get the benefit of this style of program.

Customized programs are available on request with advance notice.

Our permits do not allow the birds at private homes or

for-profit businesses.

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