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This month we are featuring the

Poster Contest Entries for May 2008 submitted by

the Animal Pals Club of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley

These inspired youngsters did a fantastic job with the theme of teaching respect and awareness of our local wildlife and wild habitats

Please take a minute to enjoy their thoughts!

1st Place Winner

Congratulations Emily, age 11 from Campbell


2nd Place Winner

2nd place in the May poster contest goes to Ai Baba of Fremont.

Ai is in the 12th grade at Irvington High School in Mrs. Hashimoto's classroom.

Ai Baba is 18 years old.



3rd Place Winner

3rd place goes to Phoebe of Campbell, she is in Mrs. Kondo's 5th grade class

at Baker Elementary School. Phoebe is 11 years old.


Honorable mentions


Liam Lambert from San Jose, age 13 ------- Conor Lambert of San Jose, age 13 ------- Paul Hubler of Sunnyvale, age 10


Sam of San Jose, age 10 ---------------- Beverly of San Jose, age 11

THANK you all for submitting these inspiring posters



Check out a few fun photos of our local birds

taken by Karen Hoyt


Happy Spring - Help keep babies with their families


"I enjoyed seeing the beautiful birds. I was captivated by their behavior and appearance." quote from 4th grade teacher from Lakewood Elementary School - December 2005

There is always time for play, even if it is with someone elses shoes!


"Students have now gone on to do their own research on both raptors and Karen (they were very impressed by her)." comments from 4/5th grade teacher in Daily City.

"My favorite part was watching how excited the kids were." quote from K-1 teacher at Lietz School - 2-05


Photographs by Karen

Peregrine falcon over Crystal Springs - The wonder of flight and not being bound to the earth!

Sky Hunters presentors give clear, interesting information - showing the birds (kids couldn't keep their eyes off them!) Landels 4th grade teacher Februrary 2007 (Roadrunner in Arizona 2008)


Comments from the 1st grade classes at George Mayne Elementary School in San Jose

Thank you so much for figuring out a way to provide the Sky Hunters experience to ALL of our 1st graders. They were so impressed!

Karen was great with the kids. She was so patient with their questions and requests. By popular request, she got the owl to turn its head around until it could look down its back, she got the owl to bite on her finger so they could see its sharp beak, she showed them how long the talons were, and she even got the owl to "talk." You could see the sense of awe on their faces when they felt the "wind" from the silent flapping wings of the owl and when they saw the kestrel fluff its feathers.

The students were in love with the birds. One boy even asked if Karen could "catch a little one like that for me" so he could have one too! Karen did a great job explaining why we want these birds to live in the wild. Even if all the kids might not have been convinced that the birds are better off in the wild than under their first grade cuddling care, I'm convinced that the emotions they felt during the session will lead them to respect the birds in their natural habitat.

We feel so fortunate that our students got to have this up close encounter with live birds. Please send this on to Karen and let her know how much we appreciated her expertise and engaging interactions with the children.


Donna Hamane
Ann Kenny
Alicia Gonzalez
Socorro Olmos
Cathy Frazier